Ginger Shrub
Ginger Shrub

Ginger Shrub

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Each batch of MOTHER shrub ginger contains acetic acid, the main compound in apple cider vinegar, pounds of fresh ginger, and organic cane sugar.

Add a splash to a cup of hot water to make a soothing elixir. Make a spicy ginger ale by mixing with sparkling water.

Add to sparkling water, with a squeeze of lime and sprig of mint for a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail.

Use in place of ginger beer to give your mule a kick!

Classic Cocktail               Refreshing Soda
   1/2 – 1 oz shrub                     1/2 – 1 oz shrub
1 1/2 – 2 oz spirits                   4 – 6 oz seltzer
3 oz seltzer


8 oz.